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Following are pictures from the "Park to Park" bike ride on November 12, 2005, compliments of Steve.  

Starting out loading up the bikes

Driving over to Stoney

Pete ran over a squirrel

David and Bob


Steve needed air

David, notice sticker in background

Inside cool gas station

Waiting for the funeral

Second funeral

Still waiting for funeral

On our way again

Approaching bridge overpass

Self picture of Steve on bridge

Getting close to Metro Beach

Going over a wetland




Going under a street

David underneath

End for some bike riders, not the PCT bike club

David t entrance to Metro

Riding at Metro Beach


Pete going under water tunnel

David is next

David and Bob

Resting out at the point

Pete is too tired to sit up

Steve set his camera to auto timer

Looking out over the water


Heading out of park

Pete making new friends

Pete resting at a stop

Approaching the bridge on the way home

Crossing over

David and Pete

Pete and Bob

Having lunch

Our bikes outside the restaurant

Group picture eating lunch

Bob taking a small bite

Steve's lunch

Pete checking out his lunch

Steve's fries

Steve taking a small bite

Pete downing another diet coke

Actual riding time

Actual distance this day

Loading the bikes back onto Bob's van

Almost all loaded

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