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Following are pictures from the hike at Oakland University on March 6, 2005.

Tom before hike

Pete with unopened "Genius" dew rag

Pete trying to put on dew rag

Bob helping Pete

Bob still helping

Barry putting on new boots

Rich ready to go

Bob & Pete

Barry & Pete

Tom with rope in tree

Tom starting to climb tree

Tom half way up

Tom still climbing

Tom in tree with Barry below

Tom after climbing down

Walking through woods

Bob leading the way

Tom & Barry at fallen log

Barry, Tom & Pete

Pete & Tom after exiting woods

Barry & Rich coming out of woods

Tom & Rich

Green house at OU

Tom, Bob & Rich

House at OU

Self picture of David

Tom, Bob & Rich in front of pool

Pete & Barry trying to keep up

Tom in deep snow

Rich at top of hill

Pete in deep snow

Tom throwing snowball at Pete

David & Pete with Meadowbrook behind

Bob & Tom

Self picture of David

Bob & Tom up by mansion


Bob looking inside

Bob on patio

Rich approaching


Group leaving mansion

Walking up gazebo steps

Barry relaxing in gazebo

Tom in gazebo

Barry & Tom

Passing the dogs

Barry in front of Knole Cottage (Doll house)

Barry approaching fence

Barry at fence

Deer in woods



Tom with deer in background

David with deer in background

David with deer in background

Barry & Rich down below

Tom & Pete ahead

Barry & Rich behind

Barry & Rich

Walking toward parking ot

Barry with blue skies

Walking through OU housing

Barry & Rich

Bob climbing out of snow

Tom leading through parking lot

Pete inside Friday's


David's diet coke

Tom's drink

Rich looking over menu

Bob ordering lunch

Barry looking at menu

Barry with hat inside out after lunch

Tom looking at abandon bike

Walking back

Rich & Barry

Bob & Tom

Pete, nature calling

Pete in woods

Barry & Tom back at cars

Getting to head home

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