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Following are pictures from the hike at Bloomer on February 27, 2005.

David, Tom & Barry at start of hike

Bob behind Barry & Tom

Tom thinking about jumping in already

Tom looking at branch

Tom lining up his approach

Tom on his way

Still climbing

Tom made it dry in river

Barry watching Tom in disbelief

Bob & Tom waiting for David & Barry

Still waiting

Barry with his yellow bag containing spare shoes

Bob climbing the rope

Tom climbing the rope

Tom swinging on rope

Tom still swinging

Ouch, that has to hurt

Tom still on rope

Tom trying to get off rope

Tom crashed to the ground

Barry getting ready to climb the rope

Barry at the crest of his climb

Tom going first over log

Tom half way across

Tom making it to other side

Tom on other side

Bob going next

Bob on log

Bob balancing on log, nice smile Barry

Bob almost across

Team work crossing water

Tom passing Bob a branch to help cross

Bob making it over

Barry pointing to the water he jumped over

David under a log

Bob going over another log

Tom is next

Then Barry

Barry approaching the Velodrome

Bob in Velodrome

Barry watching Bob

Bob at the top

Tom getting ready to go in the Velodrome

Bob just before sliding down the bank

Tom making a run at the bank

Barry in the middle of Velodrome

Barry hanging on to a tree for dear life

Tom and Bob going down hill

Barry after his face plant

Barry full of snow and a little sore

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