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Following are pictures from the hike at Bloomer on February 6, 2005.

Tom pointing out the new dent in his Durango

Bob & Tom at the start of the hike

Bob & Tom

Tom's hiking boots

Bob's hiking boots

David's hiking boots

Bob & Tom on bridge

Tom thinking about climbing the tall tree stump

Tom hanging onto rope

Tom going up tree

Tom setting new height record

Tom starting over

tom repelling down

Bob & Tom hiking up hill

Tom looking down the hill

Tom in Velodrome

Tom approaching bank

Tom considering climbing the bank

Tom after climbing the bank

Tom looking for his water bottle

Tom climbing down

Tom after retrieving water bottle

Tom crossing creek

Tom posing

Bob waiting for us

David with waterfall in background

tom & David standing in water

Bob & Tom walking trail along river

Sign before waterfall

Tom going under branch

Tom getting ready to climb on branch

Tom working his way out over the river

Tom on branch

Tom going higher

Tom posing on branch

Tom jumping off branch

Tom walking out on ice

Tom on ice

Tom on ice

Tom on ice

Tom on ice

Tom & Bob at end of hike

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