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Following are pictures from the bike ride on September 5, 2004.

Pete's bike with sod spade strapped on

Another view sod spade on bike

Pete trying out bike, making sure it is rideable

More test run

Area at golf course where we previously removed some putting green

Pete getting ready to start cutting more green

Pete cutting green

Pete posing

The tree where we hide the tools

Pete working hard while David is taking pictures

Close op of the hiding tree

Underneath the tree

The hidden sled used to move sections of sod

The old spade hung up in its hiding place

Pete still working while David still taking pictures

Cutting the second new piece of the day

Loading up the second piece onto sled

Cutting the third piece

View down the former fairway of the green we are getting sod from

Shot of the drop off area from the green

Sod removed today

Another shot down the fairway

The drop off area, this is where David moved the sod for pick up later

The road to drive to the drop off / pick up area

The approaching new subdivision taking over the old golf course

Another view of subdivision approaching

Pete working up a sweat

David loading the sled

Close up of putting green sod on sled ready for transfer to drop off area

David working hard dragging sled to drop off area

Pete's bike parked at Damman Hardware on the ride home

Another of Pete's bike

Steve going back in looking for Pete

A view of Pete's handle bars

Steve found Pete at the checkout

Steve briskly exiting the store

Steve posing on Pete's bike in his church clothes




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